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Debris on driveway and sidewalks

Install a rain barrel

Don’t dump stuff down a storm drain!

Plant a rain garden

Build a bioretention garden


Trees and Stormwater

Stormwater and Other Environmental Benefits of Trees Information: https://www.epa.gov/soakuptherain/soak-rain-trees-help-reduce-runoff

Green Infrastructure at Home

For more information on Green Infrastructure at home go to http://omahastormwater.org/residential/giathome/

Sustainable Landscapes
landscape showing native plantsSustainable landscapes rely on native plants that are well adapted to the climate and site, thus reducing or eliminating the need to use pesticides, fertilizers, or supplemental watering once the plants are established.




diverse plants adding color in the landscape

A wide diversity of plants provides color and interest to the sustainable landscape.







Native and adapted tree and shrub species have been planted in this large green space.

Fencing protects the new plants from rabbit damage until the plants get established.




Green Infrastructure

A cost-effective approach to managing stormwater that can provide many community benefits. It can reduce and treats stormwater at the source while providing environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Green Roofs
A "Built in place” Green Roof means the soil material was hauled up to the roof and put in place. Then the plants were planted directly onto the roof.

saddlebrook greenroof


• Protecting the roof liner (that keeps the roof from leaking)
• Moderates the temperature on the roof - reducing the heat build up in the summer
• Provides more insulation for the building
• Retains stormwater that falls on the roof








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