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green roof materials with labels

Saddlebrook Joint Use Facility
14850 Laurel Avenue, Omaha, NE 68116
Green Roof Cross Section

  1. 1. Polyisocyanurate Insulation (2 layers of 2")
        (The first layer is mechanically attached. The second layer is set in hot asphalt)
  2. 2. ½ inch Pre-Primed DensDeck Coverboard
        (set in hot asphalt)
  3. 3. Firestone SBS Smooth
        (set in hot asphalt)
  4. 4. Firestone SBS Smooth
        (set in hot asphalt)
  5. 5. Firestone SBS Premium FR Cap Sheet
        (set in hot asphalt)
  6. 6. RUFCO 3000B Root Barrier
  7. 7. Carlisle CCW MiraDRAIN GR9200 Drainage Mat
  8. 8. Carlisle CCW 300HV Water Retention Mat
  9. 9. Soil Media {4 inches thick} (consisting of 20 parts) 9 parts Type 1 Soil Mix (231lbs of Compost and 122lbs of Profile Porous Ceramics for every ton of sand) and 11 parts of Type 2 Soil Mix (Lightweight Aggregate Haydite)


Standard Roof (vs) Green Roof

Surface Temperature (in ℉)
Data From (2020/03/31 10:16 PM) To (2020/03/31 11:09 PM)
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