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Current Codes:



Residential Building Code (single family / duplex) as amended by City of Omaha 

2006 IRC 

Commercial Building Code as amended by City of Omaha 

2012 IBC 

National Electrical Code (NEC)

2017 NEC 

International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

2009 IECC 

Fire Code 

Nebraska State Fire Marshal 

Handicap Code 

Nebraska Accessibility Guidelines – Nebraska State Fire Marshal 

Mechanical Code as amended by City of Omaha 

2012 IMC 

Plumbing Code

Ch. 49 Omaha Municipal Latest Edition and 2015 Omaha Plumbing Code



Most national codes used in Omaha have been locally amended. The Municode amendments are available online or visit the City of Omaha’s Planning Permit and Inspections website.

Engineering Data



Frost Depth 


Snow Load (ground) 

25 psf 

Wet Snow Load on roofs less than 3/12 pitch 

+5 psf 

Assumed soil bearing capacity w/o soil test 

1500 psf 

Wind Speed 

90 mph 


B or C 

Submittal Requirement:

  • Submit two sets of plans (no specs).  One set will be returned to applicant stamped and approved.
  • Architect / Engineer seals must be on all pages (if required) as per Nebraska State Code.  See the State Engineering and Building brochure for more information on building requirements.  Seals may be reproductions; wet seals are not required.
  • Minimum sheet size for commercial plans is 11”x17”; floor plan scale 1/8” min.
  • Plans may be submitted by mail. 
  • Permit fees are due after plan approval. Contact Permits and Inspection Department for fee information at (402) 444-7189.