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Nebraska Statute (2-945) states that “it is the duty of each person who owns or controls land to effectively control noxious weeds on such land.” This means that property owners are responsible for the control, suppression, propagation, or the development of Noxious Weeds and to prevent Noxious Weed from spreading onto adjoining or other properties.


It is the duty of the Douglas County Noxious Weed Control Authority to enforce the Nebraska Noxious Weed Act for all of Douglas County.

Our belief is that if we can stop noxious weed infestations from beginning through good land management, the negative costs that go with them good down as well. Homeowners and ag producers work hard on creating a landscape or pasture/cropland that is beneficial to themselves and others around them, so they prevent infestations from starting through good maintenance.


Many new subdivisions begin by clearing land of viable vegetation or are left unattended for long periods of time. If land is left unmanaged and without a good cover crop, weeds can flourish due to the lack of competition and seeds can germinate easier. When noxious weeds are allowed to establish, they cause bigger problems in the future years.

One season of unmanaged noxious weeds can cause problems for owners for many years (Ex. Musk Thistle seeds remain viable for up to 6 years). 


A good, managed cover crop can prevent establishment of Noxious and other types of weeds, preventing future weed problems for the owner and future owner(s). Some of the cover crops on large parcels can be harvested into hay or other forage for animals. 

Be a Good Neighbor! Prevent and Control Your Noxious Weeds!


To learn more about Subdivision Weed Control Plans and how to create one, download the brochure (pdf).

Weed Control Sample Plan