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The Green Roof Working Committee (GRWC) was formed to follow up on the focus group discussion from the October 25, 2007 Green Roof Market Development Symposium, sponsored by the City of Omaha and Douglas County and provided by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.  The overall goal of the GRWC is to incorporate more green roofs in the metropolitan Omaha area.  Green roofs are just one of the Low Impact Development (LID) tools that can be used to mimic natural hydrology in the urban environment and minimize the negative impacts of stormwater runoff.

The GRWC met throughout 2008 to follow up on the various aspects of green roof development that were identified at the Symposium.  Six subcommittees developed recommendations that were compiled in a technical memorandum.  The GRWC no longer meets on a regular schedule but updates will be posted to this website.

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Douglas County Environmental Services
3015 Menke Circle
Omaha, NE 68134

Green Roof Tour June 22, 2010
Douglas County Health Center  (One Photo)
Dunsany Flats green roof photos (Four Photos)
Gallup green roof photos (Five Photos)
Midtown Crossing green roof photos (Two Photos)
Saddlebrook green roof photos (Five Photos)

Meeting Summaries - 2009:

Meeting Summaries - 2008:
February 28
March 27
April 24
May 22
July 24
September 26
October 23

Subcommittee Work Plans:
Building code
Design Manual
Education - Outreach
Appraisal - Finance