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The purpose of the public hearing is to give ample opportunity for all persons to be heard and to bring to the Planning Commission all possible germane facts, information and opinions on a land-use application.


The public is invited and encouraged to attend and will be given a chance to speak at the meeting.


If you are an applicant, it is strongly recommended that you, or your representative, be in attendance to present your request.


The Chair of the Planning Commission runs the Commission meeting and generally adheres to the following procedure for public hearings:

a) Chair introduces the agenda item 

b) Recognition of staff report in the Commission packet

c) Any new \ additional comments from the staff

d) Presentation by the applicant

e) Comments from the Commission

f) Chairman opens the public hearing

g) Comments from the floor and / or in writing

h) Additional comments from the Commission

i) Chairman closes the public hearing

j) Action by Commission to recommend approval, denial or continuation.


The Commission's recommendation is then forwarded to the Board of Commissioners for final action at a public hearing. Staff will notify applicants of the Board of Commissioners hearing date.



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