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Grading Permit - for projects larger than one acre and less than ten acres 


Grading Permit - for projects greater than or equal to ten acres 


Amendments to Zoning Regulations - including Overlay District Designation 


Sign Permit 


Preliminary Plat - (subdivisions under 10 lots) 


Preliminary Plat - (subdivisions 10 lots or more) 

$650 +
$50.00 per lot not to exceed $3,000.00

Final Plat (subdivisions under 10 lots) 


Final Plat (subdivisions 10 lots or more) 

$550 +
$50.00 per lot not to exceed $3,000.00 

Special Use Permit (under 20 acres) 


Special Use Permit (20 acres and more) 


Administrative Plats, Replats,
  and Waivers of Subdivision Requirements

$150 +
$50 per lot





House \ Building Moving Permits:
1. House Movers License (to be paid by a licensed house mover
      showing proof of insurance coverage required)  
2. House Moving Permit (from outside Douglas County to inside 
      Douglas County)
3. House Moving Permit (from a location inside Douglas County to 
      another location inside Douglas County)
4. Type B Moving Permit (a building less than 400 square feet, or 
      less than 12 feet wide or less than 12 feet in height)




Building Permit Fee


Fees are effective as of October 16, 2007