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Article 8

8.01 Purpose:

Overlay Districts are used in combination with Base Districts to modify or expand base district regulations. They adapt to the special needs of areas of the county and further allow Douglas County's Zoning Regulation to evolve as the planning and development needs and trends of specific areas change.

The Overlay Districts are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To recognize special conditions in specific parts of the County which require specific regulation.
  2. To provide for the protection of special features in the natural and built environment of the County.
  3. To allow for change and adaptability to different needs and trends in land development.
  4. To encourage comprehensive development and environmental planning in the County.
  5. To provide flexibility in development and to encourage innovative design through comprehensively planned projects.

8.02 Establishment of Districts

The Overlay Districts are:

PD Planned Development District
HC Highway Corridor Overlay District
FP/FW Floodplain/Floodway Overlay District
BTA Build Through Acreage Overlay 


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