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A. Purpose:
The HC Highway Corridor Overlay District provides basic guidelines that promote quality design along the most visible and heavily traveled road corridors in the Douglas County zoning jurisdiction. The HC District is intended to:

  1. Encourage development design that strengthens the physical character and image of Douglas County.
  2. Supports the value of property and quality of development and major highway corridors.
  3. Set basic requirements for good site design and development, building design, landscaping, and signage without discouraging creativity and flexibility in design.
  4. Permit safe and convenient transportation access and circulation for motorized and non-motorized vehicles, and for pedestrians.
  5. Manage the impact of commercial and industrial development on adjacent residential neighborhoods.

B. Project Application and Exceptions:
The HC Overlay District applies to the following:

  1. Any new improvement requiring a building or development permit built on any land within the boundaries of the HC Overlay District after the effective date of this District.
  2. The requirements of the HC Overlay District do not apply to any rehabilitation, repair, addition(s) or enlargement(s) of a building in place or under construction on a site as of the effective date of this Regulation, provided that the cumulative gross floor area of any addition(s) does not exceed 50% of the gross floor area of the pre-existing building(s).

C. Design Guidelines for Commercial and Office Uses
D. Design Guidelines for Industrial Uses
E. Design Guidelines for Multi-Family Uses


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