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Everything below applies to both Planned Development District 1 and 2.


Criteria for Findings of Fact 

Land Use Plan 

Development Density 

Site area per unit or floor area ratio should be similar to surrounding uses if not separated by major natural or artificial features 

Land Use Plan  

Consistency with the land use plan of Douglas County 

Height and Scale 

Height and Bulk 

Development should minimize differences in height and building size from surrounding structures. Differences should be justified by urban design considerations 


Development should respect pre-existing setbacks in its urban context. Variations should be justified by site or operating characteristics

Building Coverage  

Building coverage should be similar to that of surrounding development if possible. Higher coverage should be mitigated by landscaping or site amenities 

Site Development 


Project should maximize conservation of existing environmental features, including natural vegetation, tree cover, and drainage patterns 

Parking and Internal Circulation

Parking should serve all structures with minimal conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles. 

All structures must be accessible to public safety vehicles. 

Development must have access to adjacent public streets and ways. 

Internal circulation should minimize conflicts and congestion at public access points. 

Open Space 

Open spaces should contribute to the quality of the overall project and should provide supporting amenities for residential development. Open spaces should contribute to the design of the project and, when appropriate, provide locations for project-related activities 


Landscaping should be integral to the development, providing street landscaping, breaks in uninterrupted paved areas, and buffering where required by surrounding land uses. Project design must preserve features of environmental importance to the greatest degree possible. These features include mature trees and woodlands, wetlands, steep slopes, waterways and bodies of water, consistent with Article 7 Conservation Design regulations. 


Projects should relate to surrounding public streets and contribute to the quality of the street environment. 

Building Design

Architectural Quality 

Architectural design and building materials should be compatible with surrounding areas or reflect the specific design objectives of a new development area. 


Traffic Capacity

Project should not reduce the existing level of traffic service on adjacent streets. Compensating improvements should be included to mitigate impact on street system operations. 

Street Network and Continuity

Project should maintain the continuity of Douglas County's street network or should provide opportunities for local traffic flow away from major arterials.

Alternative Modes

Project should make appropriate accommodations for access by public transportation, bicycles, and pedestrians.