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  1. Minimum Size: The minimum size of a PD-1 District shall be three acres.
  2. Pre-application Concept Plan: Prior to filing an application for approval of a PD1 District, the applicant shall meet with the Zoning Coordinator for the purpose of submitting a pre-application concept plan. This plan shall illustrate the conceptual overall plan for the District and shall include at a minimum the information required in Table One. PD Planned Development District Application Requirements.
  3. The Zoning Coordinator shall review and comment on the proposed concept plan and shall provide the applicant with written comments within thirty days of submission of the concept plan.
  4. The review of the concept plan shall include consideration of the following criteria:
    1. Land use intensity and density.
    2. Ability to provide a positive environment for intended uses, including schematic building configurations, arrangements, and general landscaping and site design.
    3. Use of open space.
    4. Impact on the surrounding natural and built environment.
    5. Adequacy of on- and off-site transportation and utility systems to serve the proposed project.
    6. Consistency with the Douglas County comprehensive plan.
  5. Following review of the pre-application concept plan, the applicant may proceed with filing a formal application for approval of a PD-1 District. This plan shall illustrate the development plan for the District and shall include at a minimum the information required in Table One.
  6. A PD-1 application shall include a Development Agreement establishing the development regulations for the district unless initiated by the Planning Commission or County Board. The Development Agreement shall specify the following regulations:
    1. Location and quantities of various land uses.
    2. Maximum floor area ratios and residential densities.
    3. Maximum building and impervious coverage.
    4. Front, side, and rear yard setbacks.
    5. Maximum heights of proposed structures.
    6. Design standards applicable to the project.
    7. Incorporation of graphic development plans and drawings into the site development regulations.
  7. The Planning Commission and County Board shall review and evaluate each PD1 District application. The Planning Commission and County Board may impose reasonable conditions, as deemed necessary to ensure that a PD-1 District shall be compatible with adjacent land uses, will not overburden public services and facilities and will not be detrimental to public health, safety and welfare.
  8. The Planning Commission, after proper notice, shall hold a public hearing and act upon each application that would result in a proposed regulation establishing a PD-1 district. . The Planning Commission may recommend amendments to PD-1 district applications. The recommendation of the Planning Commission shall be transmitted to the County Board for final action.
  9. The County Board, after proper notice, shall hold a public hearing and act upon any Regulation establishing a PD-1 District. Proper notice shall mean the same notice established for any other zoning amendment.
  10. In their respective reviews of the PD-1 application, the Planning Commission and County Board shall base decisions on findings of fact as set forth in the criteria presented in Table 2.
  11. Upon approval by the County Board, the Development Plan and Agreement shall become a part of the Regulation creating or amending the PD-1 District.
  12. Issuance of Building Permits: The County shall not issue a building permit, certificate of occupancy, or other permit for a building, structure, or use within a PD-2 District unless it is in compliance with the approved Development Plan or any approved amendments.
  13. Changes or Modifications to Development Plans. The Zoning Coordinator is authorized at his/her discretion to approve amendments to an approved development plan provided that:
    1. A written request is filed with the Zoning Coordinator, along with information specifying the exact nature of the proposed amendment.
    2. The amendment is consistent with the provisions of this section.
    3. The amendment does not alter the approved site regulations of the development plan and does not materially alter other aspects of the plan, including traffic circulation, land uses or land use intensity, mixture of use types, and physical design.
    4. Any amendment not conforming to these provisions shall be considered equivalent to a new application and shall be submitted to the Planning Commission and County Board according to the procedures for new applications established in this section.
  14. Termination of PD-1 District: If no substantial development has taken place in a Planned Development District for three years following approval of the District, the Planning Commission may reconsider the zoning of the property and may, on its own motion, initiate an application for rezoning the property.