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A.            Purpose

The MU-3 General Mixed Use District provides for a wide range of commercial activities, including some with industrial operating characteristics, and some industrial uses with low operating or environmental impacts.  Development in the MU-3 District requires a balanced transportation system that promotes safe movement of motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, and pedestrians. 





Permitted Uses


Minimum Lot Area

10,000 sq ft.


Minimum Lot Width (feet)



Minimum Yards (feet)

                Front Yard

                Side Yard

                Street Side Yard

                Rear Yard Area(Note 3)


25 (Note 1)

0 (Note 2)


25(Note 3)


Maximum Height (feet)



Maximum Building Coverage



Maximum Impervious Coverage



Maximum Amount of Total Parking Located in Street Yard




Setbacks may be adjusted  to allow for lot clustering and in order to comply with the overall intent of the Conservation Development regulations.

Note 1:  Front yard setbacks may be reduced within Planned Developments, with specific setbacks established as part of the Planned Development district regulators.  On streets designated as arterials by the County Comprehensive Plan and with a right –of-way less than 100 feet, the Zoning Coordinator may require a greater setback from the arterial to accommodate future roadway widening.  The maximum setback is established by the following formula:

Arterial street setback = 25 + (50 – ½ current ROW width)

Note 2:  Side yard setback of 10 feet when abutting a zone requiring a side yard.

Note 3:  Rear yard setback required only when a residential zoning district abuts the rear lot line.

B.            Additional Requirements

1.             All new subdivisions and lots must comply with the Conservation Development regulations in Article 7.

2.             Site Development Plan

All applications for rezoning, subdivisions, or building permits in the MU-3 District shall require submission of a detailed Site Development Plan and such other drawings, data, calculations, sketches, or diagrams that provide reasonable and adequate information on the location, size, and use of the buildings; and the location, size, arrangement, and capacity of highway frontage roads, parking, loading, and unloading areas. Vehicular access to existing streets shall be clearly indicated. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic generated to and from the proposed development shall not create undue hazards to the normal traffic movement on the existing streets and highways. These plans and documents shall become a part of the application and shall form the basis for the issuance of building permits and/or the approval of the re-zoning. alter the vehicular access between the public street and the development, or impact public health and/or safety, are subject to re-submission of the Plan.  Minor plan changes may be evaluated and acted upon by the Zoning Coordinator.




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