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AG Agricultural District

A. Purpose

The AG Agricultural District applies primarily to areas that are unlikely to experience urban development. The likely long-term use of these areas is agriculture, open space, or very low density development. In addition, areas currently in agricultural or open space uses but designated for future development in the Comprehensive Plan should be retained in the AG District to prevent premature or inappropriate development.




1-Family Units

Other Permitted Uses


Site Area per Housing Unit

20 Acres



Minimum Lot Area

20 Acres

20 Acres


Minimum Lot Width (feet)




Minimum Yards (feet)

Front Yard

Side Yard

Street Side Yard

Rear Yard


50 (Note 1)










Maximum Height (feet)


35; 50 for Farm Buildings, 100 for Grain Storage Structures


Maximum Building Coverage

Note 2

Note 2


Maximum Impervious Coverage




Maximum Amount of Total Parking Located in Street Yard





Note 1: Front yard setback is measured from property line of platted lots. For unplatted parcels along roads, residential structures shall be set back sufficiently to allow for future right-of-way dedications. This setback is typically 75 feet from the center line of the adjacent road. The Zoning Coordinator may establish a different set-back requirement based on the specific context of a parcel. The reason for any such variation shall be documented in writing by the Zoning Coordinator.

Note 2: Farm building coverage up to 5% of total parcel area. Residential accessory building coverage up to 20% of the rear yard.

Note 3. Parcel Width shall mean the average horizontal distance between the side parcel boundary lines, measured at right angles to the parcel depth at a point midway between the front and rear parcel boundary lines. (Amended March 18, 2008)

Note 4. Minimum lot area for uses designated as a Special Use may be less than 20 acres as a condition of the Special Use Permit. (Amended May 1, 2012)


B. Additional Requirements

1. All new subdivisions and lots must comply with the Conservation Development Regulations in Article 7.

C. Exception for Farmstead Lots.

The intent of this exception is to allow a one time split of a farmstead lot out of any qualifying parcel as of the effective date of these regulations.

1. Farmstead Lots must meet the following requirements:

a. The parcel of land before subdivision must be greater than 23 acres and the remaining parcel after subdivision must be greater than 20 acres; and,

b. The minimum lot area shall be three (3) acres in size; and,

c. The lot created shall meet the requirements as defined in the subdivision regulations.

d. A given parcel is restricted to one (1) farmstead lot split as of the effective date of the amendment. The remaining (20+ acres) parcel of land cannot have another farmstead lot split. The intent is to prevent creation of more than one farmstead lot out of any qualifying parcel existing as of the effective date of these regulations. At the discretion of the Zoning Coordinator, additional farmstead lot splits may be considered if structures related to the uses in part “e” exist, an individual well and septic already exist on the proposed lot (i.e. are in existence as of the effective date of these regulations), and the additional farmstead lot split(s) is/are done at the same time.

e. The primary use of the original parcel must be associated with crop production, animal production, or a commercial feedlot.





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