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City of Omaha Spring Cleanup information  


Douglas County will again be hosting the Center for Watershed Protection Webcast Series in 2019. The registration cost is $20 and includes a boxed lunch. The next webcast will be Wednesday, June 19 from 12:00-1:30 at our new location at 15335 West Maple Road. 

Due to unexpected speaker conflicts with two of the presenters, webcast 2 scheduled for May 22, 2019, will be rescheduled to a future date. We will let you know as soon as possible on the new date for the webcast. The next webcast will be on June 19th, Tree Crediting for Stormwater.

Webcast 3: Tree Crediting for Stormwater

June 19, 2019, 12:00-1:30 PM CST


What's On-going:

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for your maintenance facility

Stormwater - Why Should I Care?

Here you will learn how we have changed the water cycle, how stormwater can be a problem, and what YOU can do to help with stormwater runoff and pollution: Reasons why you should care

Also, test your awareness on how much you know about water: stormwaterwizard



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    Be Water Wise!

    SPRING is here!             There are several springtime lawn and garden activities that Douglas County...

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