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Stormwater Webcast Series

Douglas County Environmental Services will be hosting the Center for Watershed Protection webcasts for 2019. The first of 6 webcasts will be held on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. All webcasts will be held at our new location - 15335 West Maple Road.

Webcast 1: Nutrient Trading

April 3, 2019, 12:00-1:30 PM CST

Nutrient trading is a tool that offers both risks and opportunities for meeting Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), the pollution limits established in certain waterways. Trading allows dischargers that have exceeded their nutrient discharge reduction goals to sell their excess reductions as credits to other dischargers. Some states have established nutrient trading or offset programs, with varying degrees of participation. In this webcast, we will look at the increasing exploration of nutrient trading, review case studies of trading programs, and discuss the future of nutrient trading in meeting pollution reduction regulations.

What's On-going:

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for your maintenance facility

Stormwater - Why Should I Care?

Here you will learn how we have changed the water cycle, how stormwater can be a problem, and what YOU can do to help with stormwater runoff and pollution: Reasons why you should care

Also, test your awareness on how much you know about water: stormwaterwizard



  • Wed Jan 02 2019
    Be Water Wise!

    Melting Snow: It's Stormwater Too!               The environmental impact of snowmelt is very similar to that of runoff...

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